UltraThistle Review

UltraThistle Review
9/10 Total Score
  • Great customer service.
  • Highest milk thistle dosage available.
  • Highly Effective.
  • Highly Absorbable.
  • Cons

    No other ingredients.

    Milk Thistle Dosage
    Effectiveness & Protection
    Other Ingredients

    Milk Thistle Dosage

    To our knowledge – UltraThistle has the highest dosage of milk thistle available on the market today. UltraThistle is stated to have 360 MG’s of milk thistle. It is also important to note that the type of milk thistle this brand uses is Silybin Phytosome Extract which is known to be a superior quality than traditional seed extract. UltraThistle far outperformed many store bought versions with sometimes twice as much of a dosage.

    Milk Thistle Absorption

    UltraThistle has an up to 10x better absorption rate than other milk thistles that we have sampled. Normal absorption should work just fine for most people but for those with severe liver problems they may want to consider a milk thistle with higher absorption rates.

    Effectiveness & Protection

    Natural Wellness (the company that sells UltraThistle exclusively) says that UltraThistle has a patented form of milk thistle, Silybin Phytosome, as well as an exclusive process that improves bioavailability and delivers milk thistle faster into your bloodstream (and thus to your liver).

    Other Ingredients

    We had to rate UltraThistle poorly because of its lack of any other ingredients. Natural Wellness says that it wants to deliver the best Milk Thistle available on the market but we can’t help but think the product would be even more effective/cost efficient with other ingredients included. Somewhat of a let down -but if you are only looking for milk thistle – you don’t need to look much further.


    8 Responses to UltraThistle Review

      • While UltraThistle and Milk Thistle in general has tons of research to backup its claim as a great liver supplement – it’s important that you seek the advice of your doctor if dealing with things as serious as Hepatitis C.

      • Yes! Acne has been known to be helped by Milk Thistle. It depends what quality/grade you are looking for. You pay for what you get. We haven’t done any tests yet on the effectiveness of each with face blemishes as this would be quite hard. Is this something you would be interested in the future?

    1. I decide to try this after seeing a Pinterest pin that praised milk thistle as an effective acne remedy. Well, my story didn’t start out so well… After the first couple of days I ended up with huge breakouts, both ugly and super painful. I thought maybe it was just clearing my skin from inside and continued with it. It turns out I was right, after less than a month my acne reduced drastically. Great product, it changed my life!

    2. I had some minor liver issues and after googling for natural remedies, I stopped at UltraThistle. I kept my fingers crossed, hoping I see some improvement and it exceeded my expectations; my liver reacted nice to it but my skin underwent a total change. I never had skin problems but since my liver decided to “breakdown” my skin followed suit. The zits started to dry up and my older acne spots faded out. Love this, it’s unbelievable when you get these type of side effects.

    3. It’s only obvious that a bad liver can clog up my skin but my skin was simply flooded with small breakouts, I looked like I had the chickenpox! I bought this after a friend of mine had positive results. I have Hepatitis C and take this along with my treatment, mostly for its skin clearing benefits. The last 4 months were meat free so this could also have impacted the sudden change in my acne. Regardless, I will continue using MilkThistle.

    4. So happy I found this product! I bought it without doing any research or looking for reviews and it paid off. My liver gets the supports it needs and it’s all natural, no need for any pricey over the counter meds. The toxins are flushed out of my system and it’s all done naturally. I’m all for eating healthy but when you inherit a faulty liver there’s not much you can do to counterattack it.

      I’m on my second bottle and plan to buy this again.

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