Milk Thistle Benefits

Milk thistle is for those seeking a safe and natural remedy to ailments such as liver disease, Hepatitis C and the effects of chemotherapy. It comes in easy to take capsules. The capsules are standardized in the amount of active ingredients they contain. Milk thistle has been used for centuries because it has a variety of proven benefits.

Milk thistle can help individuals with liver disease or scarred liver by reversing the physical scarring and by strengthening cell membranes. Additionally, the active compound in milk thistle, is an antioxidant, meaning it can assist the body by combating free radicals.

Research has shown that milk thistle can also help treat acne. It acts from within the liver. Milk thistle is also included in some topical treatments. Trials also show that the plant has helped mitigate the effects of cancer and chemotherapy. Capsules of milk thistle can also reduce the pungent effects of hangovers. Finally, milk thistle has been known to help Hepatitis C patients who have not responded well to other antiviral treatments.

Important milk thistle benefits include the ability to treat liver diseases. Milk thistle can be used to treat a variety of liver conditions and also to keep the liver healthy in general. It treats liver poisoning, alcohol fatty liver issues, hepatitis and damage from certain medications.

One medication that can damage the liver after prolonged usage is Acetaminophen, or Tylenol. Milk thistle is known to block this damage and also to reverse damage from Tylenol and other medications, most notably medications that treat mental illnesses according to a 1994 study.

Because the liver is an extremely valuable organ in the human body, a healthy liver is essential to a properly functioning body. If a liver has been damaged by alcohol use, for example, then milk thistle can help stave off further damage and may even reverse some of the damage.

Milk thistle is so beneficial for the liver that it can even partially reverse damage caused by toxic industrial chemical fumes.

Damage mitigation works when milk thistle adheres to the liver cell membranes. In this process, milk thistle strengthens cell membranes. Cell membranes are vital to cells because they filter out small harmful complexes. When the sylmarin compounds from the milk thistle reach the liver, they decrease inflammation and help repair scarring. Overall, milk thistle capsules are helpful and do not contain the artificial chemicals that make up prescription pills.

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